Why Choose Goldstar?

  • Sustainable Production Facilities
  • The Best of Ethical Practices
  • Strict Quality Assurance
  • On Time Delivery
  • Socially Responsible Working Condition


We are committed to supporting our customers, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations, enabling them to be more competitive in the market place.


We endeavor to become a market leader through the pursuit of high productivity, advanced technological innovation and absolute customer satisfaction by leveraging on the strengths of our core business while staying true to our universal social and environmental standards.


Commitment Quality Customer Satisfaction Sustainability Mutual Growth

About Us


Goldstar Group, is a 100% Export Oriented Readymade Garments Company, came into being in the year 1992. Under Goldstar Group, we have 5 garments production units, Washing plant with multiple wash facility, C&F, Logistics together with a vertical setup of Carton, Polybag and accessories manufacturing plant. We had started our journey with 4(four) lines initially and now over a period of 30 years, the company has matured to 50 lines with 65 machines each. Through a wide range of products and services, the company has earned the goodwill of many reputed brands from across the globe. Producing over 25 million pieces of garments per year, it is now among the largest vendors in Bangladesh for Lidl , Aldi, Costco, Promtex and Wal-Mart with annual turnover of over 70 million US Dollars. The company has consistently excelled with a strong performance record of substantial annual growth over the last two decade and has earned several awards and recognitions from number of importers and brands. Goldstar is committed to clients' desired quality, timely delivery and a total value. Engaged in the development and manufacturing of woven garments (tops, jackets, bottoms and all woven items) the company has provided job opportunity for over 6,500 women and men.

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Our Company

Goldstar Group is a 100% export oriented woven garments manufacturing company. It's success is rooted in investments in human capital and world class manufacturing facilities with high-end technology and innovation. It possesses the skills, experience, infrastructure and financial strength necessary to attain customer satisfaction through excellence in product quality, flexibility and cost competitiveness. The main products the company produces are shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, overall, trousers, shorts, cargo of all type, uniforms including work and schoolwears. All our production units are under the membership of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and has successfully been audited by ACCORD and BSCI.



The marketing department is responsible for marketing products made by the factory, finding new customers, and bringing more and more orders for the company. Headed by Mr. Jahangir Alam, a very well experienced guy in the industry, the department strives to function in its optimal level under his leardership and guidance. This department showcases factory’s ability for developing new designs, factory compliance, and quality policy and quality performance. The team belives that to retain existing customers, they need to satisfy customers by shipping quality products in time.


This team remains responsible for all activities starting from order taking to shipment of products. Works are distributed among the merchandisers Customer wise where they are provided with all necesssary supports from the management and related departments to effect timely shipment of quality products.


Goldstar Group has 5 produciton units with 50 sewing lines comprising 65 machines each. Each production unit is headed by an efficient and well experienced Production Manager. They receive Production Plan well ahead of time from the IE & Planning Department providing room for enough time to prepare. After recceiving approval on Production Sample from customer's side, pre-production meeting is held where the Concerned Merchandiser, IE Staff, Quality Manager, Technical Manager, Sample In-charge and Customer's Representative remain present and discuss in detail all the major/ critical processes keeping no room for any doubts or confusion.

IE & Planning

Industrial Engineering (IE) and Planning Department has grown to be the most important element of a garment factory now-a-days. While Planning Staffs remain responsible for allowing order taking based on available production capacity and/or spaces, IE staffs on the other hand makes a detail production plan in order for the company to achieve the required output at reasonable cost and effect timely delevery of products. Goldstar has an efficient IE team headed by an exptriate who owns considerable years of experience in the industry. IE team works in cutting, sewing, and finishing section to reduce manpower and WIP, setting line Layout (operation breakdown) increase work efficiency, productivity, do forecasting, develop new design, work with different quality tools, Wages and earning calculation, CNC machine operation, scheduling, capacity analysis, Line balancing, Kaizen, Kanban, production planning, calculate NPT, Bottleneck removing, etc. They analyze CM, SMV, costing, consumption, profit- Loss comparison. They also follow up daily production target and production achievement being responsible for production, works in sewing line if there any bottleneck.

Quality Assurance

The management of Goldstar Group is always committed to providing the highest possible quality products to its customers. All produced garments pass through strict quality control checkpoints at every stage of production. Corporate Quality Auditors do oversee production, work independently from floor management and report directly to the Director and MD of the company.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. We have successfully implemented ERP system in our company which was developed by a Srilankar Software Company. This ERP system integrates planning, procurement, merchandising, production, accounts, commercial, human resources, IE and few other modules, as a single platform.

Board of Directors/ Management

Md. Rezaul Hossain

Managing Director

Mr. Rezaul Hossain stepped into the business at a very early age as a young entrepreneur. By dint of hard work and relentless effort, he could prove himself to be an established business person today in the apparel sector. Being a very sober and charming personality, Mr. Rezaul became very popular among his contemporaries both at home and abroad. His strong sense of commitment and self respect has earned him a good name in the midst of world renouned clients/ brands, the company have been working with for long.

Mrs. Farzana Hossain


A very well groomed business person, Mrs. Farzana bears a pleasing personality with wide range of artistic talent and esthetic sense. She is the spouse of Mr. Rezaul Hossain and entered into the business world, out of her own fascination and enthusism towards the fashion industry as a whole. She looks after the Financial side together with all CSR related activities of the company.

Mr. Tasfin Hossain


Mr. Tasfin Hossain did his graduation (BSc in Economics) from USA and stepped into his family business in 2016. He is innovative and has great contribution in bringing about a massive change in the company in terms of implementing ERP and overall digitalization of the whole process of Apparel Manufacturing. He is very polite, sober and has heightened sense of self-respect. He runs the company’s marketing office in USA and is an importer of host of popular brands.

Mr. Tanfin Hossain

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Tanfin Hossain completed his graduation from Canada and joined his father in 2019. He is very keen to take the industry to many step futher in the days to come. He is visionary, enthusiastic and bears a pleasing personality. He looks after the marketing side of the company.

Ms. Tahanan Rashid


Ms. Tahanan Rashid did her M.Sc in International Management and Marketing from the University of Sheffield, UK. She is the spouse of Mr. Tasfin Hossain and has joined this company very recently. She is well groomed and comes from a business family background. Having required education and qualification, she enthusiastically has involved herself in the marketing side of the company.

Mr. Masud Iqbal

Executive Director

Mr. Masud Iqbal looks after the operations side and day-to-day activities of the company. Having over 22 years of hands-on experience in the industry, he always tries his best to render the required support where deems neccessary.

Mr. Jahangir Alam

Director (Marketing)

Mr. Jahangir Alam is a very well known personality in the industry due to his expertise and having over 32 years long service in the industry. He has been with this company since its inception in 1992 and had great contribution in taking the company to this present level of excellence and reputation. He heads the Marketing and Merchandising Division and has a handful of expert mechandisers working under his able guidance and leadership. He is well behaved, committed and very popular among his comtemporaries.



A-112, 113(West Side), BSCIC Industrial Estate, Tongi-1710, Gazipur, Bangladesh.


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